Production and Soil Enhancing Legume Living Mulch System

Cover Crops and Conservation Tillage for Soil Erosion Control on Cropland

IR Corn (establishment year)

IR Corn Underseeded To Birdsfoot Trefoil and Crownvetch
(Establisment Year) Treated With Pursuit Plus Basis.

Developed by
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
N. L. Hartwig

Any or all of this program can be duplicated for further distribution without my permission.

IR Corn (2nd year after establishment)

IR Corn Underseeded To Birdsfoot Trefoil and Crownvetch
(2nd Year After Establishment) Treated With ½ Rate
of Lightning plus Basis Gold.

Some of the recommended treatment rates are at less than the label rate. This is not illegal but dealers will try to get you to use the full rate of each of these herbicides or they won't guarantee the results. Since I am suggesting that you use about a half rate of three or four different herbicides, the end result is a treatment program that controls a wider spectrum of weeds and is better than using a label rate of these herbicides. To use a full rate may also cause injury to the corn and loss of the cover crop.

Input Providers

Nathan L. Hartwig
Prof. Emeritus of Weed Science
116 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802