Penn State Extension to Make Farm Visits to Verify BMP Survey Information

Posted: August 3, 2016

Penn State Extension educators will be visiting farms over the next month to follow up on a survey Pennsylvania farmers received earlier this year asking about conservation practices they have adopted to promote water quality and soil health.

Earlier this year, the farm community was asked, by way of a survey, to provide information about conservation practices that they have implemented on their farm. Nearly 7,000 farmers responded to the survey, and now extension educators will visit 10 percent of those — about 700 farms, randomly selected — to verify the overall accuracy of the responses. We want to give farmers a heads up that the verifications are starting so they are prepared in case they are contacted as a result of their farms being randomly selected for a visit.

As we go through this process it is important to reiterate that Penn State Extension is not a regulatory agency and that is the reason we were selected to do the verifications. Survey responses and the results of verification visits will be kept completely confidential and never will be associated with a farmer's name or location. Results reported to the Department of Environmental Protection will be provided in summary form and will not include any names or locations of survey participants.

Pennsylvania agriculture has done much to improve water quality in the state's rivers and streams and the Chesapeake Bay, yet that positive story often is not told. The survey and the coming farm visits are a way to give farmers in the bay watershed a chance to tell that story.

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