Weather Outlook for September 29


Posted: September 29, 2015

It is going to be a wet period starting this afternoon - some places could see rainfall totals (from tonight through next week) seen only about once every 100 years - stay dry!

After a dry latter half of the summer across the state, very unsettled weather will be the story over the upcoming 7-day period.

Rain, some very heavy, associated with a slow-moving frontal boundary will exit northeastern Pennsylvania by sunset Wednesday. Things will dry out briefly for the first half of the day on Thursday with afternoon temperatures ranging from the mid-50’s to mid-60’s across the state. Some scattered showers will return to parts of southern and eastern Pennsylvania later Thursday into the day on Friday with continued cooler than normal temperatures. Newly-formed Tropical Storm Joaquin that will linger off of the East Coast of the US will provide increased uncertainty in the forecast from the weekend through the early half of next week. There is at least a chance that some parts of the state will see tropical rains at some point during the period from Saturday-Tuesday. Given the recent rains from early this week, any additional heavy rainfall will increase the chances of flooding/runoff in areas that see prolonged periods of rain. Including the rains from early this week combined with any rain that comes this weekend, some parts of the state could see 7-10 day rainfall amounts of 4-6+” by next Wednesday.

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