Soybean Sentinel Plot Update

Posted: June 16, 2015

The following is the weekly report of the Soybean Sentinel Plot. Check your near-by county locations for insect pressure.

Weekly summary

Our soybean scouting efforts are kicking into high gear. This week we have 18 reports from 14 counties. Bean leaf beetles continue to be the main damage our extension personnel are seeing, but while their damage persists, the adults are getting rare and most new leaves are undamaged. In some counties, populations of grasshopper nymphs are strong. I saw a few fields yesterday in Union County with heavy populations that will need to be watched. Slugs reports are picking up with the wet weather. For diseases, Septoria brown spot is starting to show in some fields.

About the reports

The Pennsylvania Soybean Promotion Board is funding a Soybean Sentinel Plot Program, which is being managed by Penn State Extension and The Dept. of Entomology at Penn State. In this effort, Penn State Extension Educators are regularly scouting twenty-two ‘typical’ soybean fields in sixteen counties across the state, reporting the populations of plant pathogens and insect pests that they find. In the reports below, pests that were found during scouting are listed with their severity, which is rated on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the highest. Growers should be sure to check their own fields to determine your local populations, but these reports will give you a sense of what pests are active in fields. Our reports are distributed via this weekly newsletter, Penn State’s Field Crop News, and will be available in the next day or two on Penn State’s Field Crop Entomology website

June 15 - Lancaster County - Justin Welk / Jeff Graybill

Near Mt. Joy (Fully Loaded Beans)

Growth Stage: V5

  • Bean Leaf Beetle - Severity: 2
  • Slugs - Severity: 1.5
  • Grasshoppers present - more in weedy areas
  • No signs of disease

Near Quarryville (Untreated Beans, inoculum applied at planting)

Growth Stage: V3

  • Bean Leaf Beetle - Severity: 1.5
  • No nodules on the beans
  • No signs of disease
  • Field is full of weeds - burn down program did not work properly; post emergence will be applied soon

15 June – Bradford County – Mark Madden / Mason Tate

Near Wyalusing, beans drilled in rye stubble on 5 June, planted with untreated seed

Growth stage: VC

  • No insect pests noted
  • No diseases present

June 15 - Lebanon County - Kelsea Dresch / John Bray

Near Annville (seeds treated with fungicide only)

Growth Stage: V3

  • Bean Leaf Beetle: Severity - 3-4
  • Grass hoppers present

Near Prescott (seeds treated with insecticide and fungicide)

Growth Stage: V3

  • Bean Leaf Beetle - Severity: 0.5-1
  • No other insects of concern found
  • No disease present

15 June – York County – John Rowehl

Growth stage: V3

  • Signs of leaf feeding, most likely by slugs (no insects observed)
  • Septoria brown spot – Severity: 1

15 June – Montgomery County – Andrew Frankenfield

Planted 5/7/15, no-till in corn stubble, untreated seed, dry conditions following planting delayed some emergence (about 10%).

Growth stage: V4

  • No insect pressure
  • Septoria brown spot – Severity: 1

15 June - Schuylkill County – Dwane Miller

Near Ringtown, PA, treated (fungicide, insecticides) seeds

Growth Stage: V2

  • Bean leaf beetle – Severity: 1
  • Slugs – Severity: 1 (some localized areas with worse slug pressure)
  • No diseases present

15 June – Crawford County – Joel Hunter

Near Meadville, planted (no-till) in 30 inch rows

Growth stage: V1-V2

  • Minor slug feeding near field edges.
  • Probably less than a few percent of the field, but sever where it’s occurring.
  • (Of course deer and groundhog damage.)
  • We have plenty of moisture.

15 June – Columbia County – Chris Houser/Joel Imgrund

Growth stage: V1

  • No insect damage or diseases noted

15 June – Northumberland County – Chris Houser/Joel Imgrund

Growth stage: V2

  • Bean Leaf Beetle - Severity: 1
  • Septoria brown spot – Severity: 1

15 June – Union County – Chris Houser/Joel Imgrund

Growth stage: Late VC

  • Bean leaf beetle – Severity: 2
  • Slugs - Severity: 1
  • Septoria brown spot – Severity: 1

14 June – Mercer County – Gary Micsky

Growth stage: V3

  • R3
  • Very minor and scattered defoliation
  • No insect, slug, or disease observed

14 June - McKean County - Nicole Carutis / Tom Murphy

Growth Stage: V2

  • Bean Leaf Beetle----Severity 1.0
  • No other insects of consequence
  • No diseases present
  • Abundant rainfall during the past week

10 June - Elk County - Nicole Carutis

Growth stage: VC

  • No insect damage
  • No diseases noted
  • Uneven emergence

5, 8, and 12 June – Tioga County – Craig Williams / Simone Lichty

Growth stage: VC – V2

  • No insect damage
  • No diseases noted

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