Weather Outlook for June 17, 2014

Posted: June 18, 2014

Summer is here and despite patchy rains the weekends remain mostly pleasant.

As summer arrives, the state will continue in the battle zone between sultry conditions across the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic region and pleasant, dry weather in much of New England. The boundary will waver across the state until next Tuesday when it should be pushed far enough south so that all of the Commonwealth will experience relief. In the meantime, Wednesday and Thursday should be mainly on the rather warm and humid side with batches of thunderstorms - mainly in the afternoon and evening, except in the northeast counties where less humidity is likely to make inroads. On Friday, drier air may overtake much of the state, except in this case for the southwest sections that may stay dull and sultry. A few weak disturbances along the boundary will steadily allow warmer and more humid air to overspread the region during the weekend, preceded by a few thundershowers.

Early next week is expected to be sticky until an important cold front moves through most likely on Tuesday with a few storms. This will be followed by somewhat cooler, less humid weather for the middle part of next week, though there is a possibility (30%) that the front may stall just south of the region at mid-week and become the avenue for more showers in the south and east.

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