Weather Outlook for February 2014

Posted: February 5, 2014

The barrage of wintry weather will continue for the next ten days to two weeks (at least), though the frequent storms should diminish later next week (after Feb 14).

A pause in the action is expected from Thursday into Saturday until another disturbance approaches the region later in the weekend. There is considerable uncertainty about its track and intensity which means either a light to moderate snowfall statewide (if two disturbances remain separate) or a large, heavy snowstorm followed by bitter chill (if they combine). Either way, no substantial break in the generally cold weather pattern is expected. Another one or two disturbances will threaten the region at mid and late week (Feb 12-14) and this should be followed by a drier, though very cold regime. In all likelihood, February will average below normal temperatures and near to above average precipitation. March should bring a break in the pattern, especially during the second half. There are a few indicators that show the late spring and early summer may be very warm and quite dry (May-June).

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