Weather Outlook for November 5, 2013

Posted: November 5, 2013

Mild weather in the long term forecast.

The final three months of the growing season (August-September-October) were quite dry throughout the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys as well as the Poconos and the north-central mountains.

Only the lower Susquehanna Valley and the west side of the Laurel Highlands and the Lake Erie shoreline have averaged above normal rainfall during the late summer and autumn. Overall, most of the state is running about one month below normal precipitation for 2013. The prospects for the next few weeks favor a majority of the days with above average temperatures, but wetter than normal conditions should be confined to the western third of the state. Specifically, a warming trend on Wednesday and early Thursday will be cut short by a band of showers associated with a cold front on Thursday. A spell of slightly below average temperatures is expected late in the week, but milder weather is likely to return early next week. Most showers next week (Nov 11-15) are expected to fall in the northwestern half of the state. There is a small chance of coastal storm later next week with wet snow in the mountains, but odds are against it. The axis of chilly, moist weather is likely to remain in the West for much of this month, so while bouts of seasonally mild weather are likely to be interrupted by short cool snaps, sustained wintry weather is not expected until after Thanksgiving. The winter (Dec-Jan-Feb) favors a bit above average temperatures with December likely to be mild, January cool and February mild. Precipitation will generally be near or below average, but it should be more moist than last winter.

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