Recovery Potential of Storm Damaged Corn

Posted: July 9, 2013

Recent winds, stormy weather, and saturated soils results in lodging and green snap in some areas and limited management options.

Storms that passed through central PA on Sunday brought strong wind and rain to corn that was growing on already saturated soils. This caused some wind damage in corn and some root lodging and green snap in some fields. A question is what impact this will have on yields and what can be done. Corn has some capacity to recover through goosenecking and the extent of recovery is related to the stage of growth. Most corn in the area was likely pre tassel so it should have some good recovery potential compared to corn that would be in the post reproductive stages. Yield loss from root lodging is often less that it appears immediately following the event but often there will be some yield loss due to the disruption of the corn canopy. Also, fields with stalk lodging will be more difficult to harvest and could have more ear drop at or prior to harvest. At this point for most fields management options are limited. Field with severe wind damage that are flattened may have limited potential to recover and may experience the worst losses. Silage harvest is an option but the material is wet and difficult to handle.

Yield loss from green snap is proportional to the number of stalks damaged. Green snap is not that unusual and often occurs when lush fast growing corn is impacted by high wind. Some hybrids are impacted more than others.

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