Is My Early Applied Nitrogen Still There?

Posted: July 2, 2013

With the excessive moisture, some of our N could have been lost to denitrification or leaching.

Most of us have seen exceptional rates of rainfall in June. Now the discussion revolves around all the N that our corn crop will need to get us through to yield. If you placed most of your N on the field at planting time (either as urea or UAN), your N loss may be more vulnerable than if your N source is in the organic form (manure, previous crop was a forage legume, etc).

With the variation in corn stage across the state, you may be in a situation to take advantage of either the Pre-sidedress Nitrate Test (PSNT) test or the Chlorophyll Meter Test. If you have corn at V5-V6, either of these tests could be a valuable management tool for you to figure out if additional N is necessary.

In the June 4 edition, Doug Beegle outlined the parameters for using both the PSNT and the Chlorophyll Meter. Click here to link to the article.

*As a reminder, the Chlorophyll Meter cannot be used if more than 15 lbs of N fertilizer per acre was applied at planting. You may receive a false reading if used under these conditions.

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