Status of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

Posted: August 28, 2012

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug populations continue to be sporadic in field crops.

Our scouting efforts sponsored by the Pennsylvania Soybean Promotion Board have found just a few fields with notable BMSB populations out of the 30 or so filed in southeastern counties that we are tracking.  Earlier in the year, corn fields harbored most of the stink bugs we found, but bug populations are certainly growing in soybean fields.  Southern counties adjacent to Maryland tend to host the largest populations.  Scout soybean fields for stink bugs starting on the edges next corn fields or woods.  Many stink bug populations do not progress beyond the edge and if populations are large enough just the edges can be treated.  Economic thresholds in soybeans for stink bugs are one bug per foot of row if using visual counts or 2.5 stink bugs per 15 sweeps of a net in narrow-row beans or 3.5 stink bugs per 15 sweeps in wide-row (30”) beans.  If treatment is necessary, consider using a single-ingredient product that contains bifenthrin; this active ingredient seems to have the best combination of knockdown and residual available for stink bug control in corn and beans.  Remember that we could use your help tracking stink bug populations.  If you have populations you would like to report, please visit the stinkbug info site by clicking here.  Thank you.

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