PDA Urges Producers to Report Crop Damage Promptly

Posted: June 19, 2012

As we have heard reports of some significant damage from both armyworm and late blight, the PA Department of Agriculture reminds producers of the following process to report crop damage

To file a claim:

  • Call your crop insurance agent (follow up in writing) within 72 hours of discovery of damage.
  • Do not destroy evidence that is needed to support your claim without clear direction from the insurance company’s adjuster (in writing).

Whenever there is damage due to insects and/or disease it is critical to show:

  • Substantiate that it was uncontrollable.
  • Preventative measures that were taken – make sure you are following good farming recommended practices (per cooperative extension).
  • Measures have you taken and the timing of the action taken since you determined there was damage – again, it is important to be able to show you are following good farming recommended practices.

Producers should contact their local crop insurance agent and the local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office immediately to report crop damage.

Find your local cooperative extension office.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s crop insurance education program, call 717–705–9511 or visit the PA Department of Agriculture website and click on "Programs."

(News release courtesy of the PA Department of Agriculture)