Diagnosing Corn Problems

On many occasions, problems develop in cornfields in Pennsylvania. Sometimes diagnosing the solution is straightforward; other times it is a bit more complicated.

Once the problem is diagnosed, the remedy or solution to the problem can also be complex. On this page, we list some of the problems we have encountered in the field, described some of the diagnostic criteria and then discuss some of the issues associated with the diagnosis and potential remedies.

During late June, severely stunted, yellow areas were noticed in this cornfield in Centre County.

During late May, we visited this Lancaster County corn field that exhibited a severe case of erratic and late emerging corn.

The corn was uniformly frosted to the ground. All above ground green tissue was water soaked and limp.

The field had experienced heavy rain following planting followed by cool conditions.

When we visited the plot in mid May to evaluate emergence, we noticed that in the very first plot a large patch had been destroyed by a bird or animal.

On one end of this field a 100 foot wide swath across the field showed a much reduced stand.