2006 Results

Our report this year has documented some of the top production levels that are possible in Pennsylvania with top genetics and management. This year we had three yields over 255 bushels per acre and the 61 entries averaged just under 200 bushels per acre.

These yields are records for the club in both the no-till and tilled shelled corn classes. The management summaries for these producers confirm many of the key recommended management principles for high yields… early planting, crop rotation, appropriate N rates, and seeding rates near 30,000 plants per acre. The results also confirm that no-till production can result in yields as high as tilled corn production under the right management. These high yields are also surprising given the drought stress that occurred in some parts of Pennsylvania in August. We continue to see earlier and earlier planting—this year one top yielding field was planted on March 31. Many of the top yielding fields also were planted to a corn borer resistant hybrid this year. We also documented some interesting trends in insecticide use this year… with a move toward more seed treatments rather than row insecticides than we have seen in the past.

Congratulations to all the producers who participated in this years program. Many thanks are due to the extension agents and crop consultants who help collect the yield and cultural information for the club. Also, a special thanks is due to Mark Antle in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences for his diligent work in pulling this report together.

Greg W. Roth

2006 Champions of the 5-Acre Corn Club.

5 Acre Corn Club Champions for 2006—3 Year Average Yield.

A summary of the results, ordered by county, of the Five-Acre Corn Club including management practices of the participants.