2004 Results

This was simply a super year for corn production in Pennsylvania and our report reflects this.

I feel the high yields were due to a combination of favorable weather, superior genetics and continuously improving management by our producers. The warm early spring temperatures helped to promote uniform and even germination with a minimum of stress on young seedlings. The cool temperatures during grain fill helped to minimize heat stress on the crop and then the warm temperatures during September helped to mature and dry down the crop. On the precipitation side, we had ample and sometimes more than ample precipitation throughout the year, but especially through the grain fill period, confirming the old saying that "rain makes grain". Our entries were up this year, and we had 57 producers exceeding the 200 bushel per acre threshold. In fact, yields in the entire club this year averaged over 211 bushels per acre!

Our data also confirms again that many producers are having good success with no-till production, with yields as good or better than those from tilled fields. All said our Corn Club data suggests to me that many of our corn producers are striving for high yields with minimum impact on the environment.

Many thanks are due to the extension agents and crop consultants who help collect the yield and cultural information for the club. Also, many thanks are due to Mark Antle in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences for his diligent work in pulling this report together.

2004 Champions of the 5-Acre Corn Club.

5 Acre Corn Club Champions for 2004—3 Year Average Yield.