2003 Results

This year we had another unusual year that was markedly different than 2002. A wet spring and summer caused planting delays, late maturity, and some yields that were less than anticipated.

On the other hand, some growers produced great yields this year, with many entrants in the club achieving over 200 bushels per acre. Some of the trends we saw in the data this year include an increase in plant populations from last year, an increase in down plants and increased yields overall. The population trend was consistent with a long term trend of increasing plant populations at a rate of about 250 plants/acre/year. Plant populations used by no-tillers in the program appears to be slightly higher than those in conventional tilled fields. Down plants were likely higher this year because of Hurricane Isabel and the increased corn borer injury and stalk rot. Higher yields were a result of the moisture. We are also noticing this year that many winning hybrids are transgenic. This is not surprising since this year in our variety test data, we found a strong response to the Bt gene.

Many thanks are due to the extension agents and crop consultants who help collect the yield and cultural information for the club. Also, many thanks are due to Mark Antle in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences for his diligent work in pulling this report together.

Greg W. Roth

2003 Champions of the 5-Acre Corn Club.

5 Acre Corn Club Champions for 2003—3 Year Average Yield.