2000 Champions

2000 Champions of the 5-Acre Corn Club.
2000 Champions
  Name Address Hybrid Population Yield
Shelled Corn Tilled
1st Dwight Rohrer
Lancaster County
Lancaster County
Manheim, PA
Pioneer 33P67 28662 228.3
2nd Steve Wenger
Lebanon County
549 Schaeffer Rd.
Lebanon, PA
NK N82J6 37636 220.8
3rd Robert D. Shearer
Lancaster County
806 Anderson Ferry Rd
Mt. Joy, PA
Pioneer 33A14 31015 217.8
Shelled Corn No-till
1st James E. Hershey
Lancaster County
338 Sunnyburn Rd.
Elizabethtown, PA
Pioneer 33A14 29272 216.4
2nd Nelson Beam
Chester County
134 Beam Rd.
Elverson, PA
Pioneer 33A14 31363 209.8
3rd Joseph F. Matejik
Bucks County
5901 Mechanicsville Rd.
Mechanicsville, PA
Asgrow RX730Bt 33971 208.6
Ear Corn
1st David L. Seiders
Fulton County
18447 Great Cove Rd
McConnellsburg, PA
Pioneer 3335 25667 263.1
2nd Kenneth L. Glazier
Fulton County
20628 Frost Cove Rd.
McConnellsburg, PA
Hubner H3505 22447 257.2
3rd David B. Bivens
Fulton County
2297 Big Cove - Tannery Rd
McConnellsburg, PA
Pioneer 33J56 23571 242.0