1999 Champions

1999 Champions of the 5-Acre Corn Club.
1999 Champions
Shelled Grain Class —Regular Harvest Size—
Name Address Hybrid Population Yield
1st Chris Pilgrim
Mercer County
Fredonia, PA Pioneer 34G81 26385 201.8
2nd Norman Jodikinos
Beaver County
Clinton, PA Pioneer 3394 26078 187.8
3rd Elder Vogel
Beaver County
Rochester, PA Hytest BH4612 22371 173.6
Shelled Grain Class —3 Acre + Harvest Size—
1st Robert E. More
Lycoming County
Montgomery, PA Pioneer 33A14 29206 218.3
2nd D. Richard Snyder
Lycoming County
Mountoursville, PA Pioneer 33A14 28010 205.3
3rd Michel P. Wilcox
Mercer County
Carlton, PA Pioneer 36BO8 29751 199.2
Ear Corn Class —Hand Harvest—
1st Jeffrey E. Reed
Cameron County
Emporium, PA Pioneer 3893 23282 204.3
2nd Sandy Ridge Farms
Clarion County
Shippenville, PA Pioneer 35NO5 31574 196.8
3rd Wayne Freeman
Perry County
Elliotsburg, PA NC+5878Bt 26199 194.3
Ear Corn Class —Machine Harvest—
There were less than 5 entries in this class in 1999 — therefore no awards were made.