1998 Results

Each year brings a new season with new technologies and conditions. And so it is with our 1998 Corn Club.

This year we made a few small changes in the report and data we collected. We surveyed members on corn borer pressure this year and overwhelmingly the response was corn borer pressure was light. Only 6 of over 100 members reported moderate or severe corn borer pressure. This year we also broke out the starter fertilizer programs of individual participants. Many club members are using 1-2-1, 1-3-0, or similar blends at rates near 150-200 pounds per acre.

This year we recorded our highest yield check ever in the large harvest class — 249.7 bushels per acre. We also had 13 yields over 200 bushels per acre.

Take a few minutes and review the crop management of the champions. I think you'll find that they are doing a great job of managing their crops and this is part of the reason for their success. Also, review the cultural practice summary and you will see the trends in inputs and cultural practices that corn club members are using.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort — producers, extension agents, crop consultants, and seedsmen.

Greg Roth

A summary of the results, ordered by county, of the Five-Acre Corn Club including management practices of the participants.