Past Results

Results from Corn Club programs since 1998 are available here.

Our corn club has recorded another excellent year with yields averaging over 200 bushels per acre and 5 entries over 250 bushels/acre.

Our 2009 Corn Club has broken records again, averaging 224 bushels per acre. What an achivement!

Our corn club has recorded the second record breaking year in a row. This year's top yield was well over 300 bushels per acre, breaking the old record of 279 bushels per acre.

Once again, our corn club particpants have broken records. Our record set last year in the club was 268 bushels per acre and this year the top yield was 279 bushels per acre. For the first time ever, we had four yields over 250 bushels per acre.

Our report this year has documented some of the top production levels that are possible in Pennsylvania with top genetics and management. This year we had three yields over 255 bushels per acre and the 61 entries averaged just under 200 bushels per acre.

This year was a surprise for many of us, with much higher yields achieved than anticipated in many areas-some in the 230 to 250 bushel per acre range.

This was simply a super year for corn production in Pennsylvania and our report reflects this.

This year we had another unusual year that was markedly different than 2002. A wet spring and summer caused planting delays, late maturity, and some yields that were less than anticipated.

This year was one of the most difficult to grow high corn yields that we have had in many years. The year ranged from too cold and wet and then too hot and dry.

Each year brings a new season with new technologies and conditions. And so it is with our 1998 Corn Club.