2016 Five Acre Corn Club Results

This year our yields were off a bit compared to previous years due to some weather factors. Nevertheless, our 37 members averaged 239.8 bushels/acre with a final stand of 32,840 plants/per acre.

This year we made some changes in the club to reflect the desires of the PA Corn Growers. We separated all entries into five different regions in the state. We also discontinued the tillage and the three year awards. So you will find the report looks a bit different this year. We also made a few changes to our formatting. Yields in each region of the state were impressive, with each averaging 220 bushels or more. Some areas of the state had a period of drought stress in late June and early July, which may have capped our yields.

The top yield this year was 287.3 bushels/acre. We continued our survey of cultural practices and as in the past found that most folks are planting at 1.75 to 2 inches deep. We also found that 47% of the entrants this year used a fungicide. We also found that other proven yield practices are common, such as crop rotation (81%), manure application (59%) and sidedressing (76%). We also found that 70% of our entries were no-till this year.

Congratulations again to all the producers who participated in this year's program. Many thanks are due to the extension educators and crop consultants who helped collect the yield and cultural information for the club. Also, a special thanks is due to Austin Kirt and Mark Antle in the Department of Plant Science for their diligent work in pulling this report together.

~Greg W. Roth, Department of Plant Science, Penn State

2016 State Averages

2016 State Averages
Entries Bushels/
Grain Moisture
% Down
% Barren
Plant Population
Shelled Corn No-till
26 239.0 21.8 1.5% 1.8% 33,235
Shelled Corn Tilled
11 241.5 22.0 1.3% 2.9% 31,810
Average   239.8 21.9 1.4% 2.1% 32,840
Total Entries

Award Classes

  1. Shelled Corned tilled class, harvest sample 1.25 acres minimum
  2. Shelled Corned no-till class, harvest sample 1.25 acres minimum

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2016 Five Acre Corn Club Results

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