2014 Corn Club Results

2014 Five Acre Corn Club Results

This was another in a string of record years for the producers in the 5 Acre Corn Club. This year, yields averaged over 250 bushels per acre, up from 237 last year.  Corn yields have been increasing for club members at just about 4 bushels per acre/ year for the past twenty years, which is about twice the state average.  Conditions were great for corn production this year with little moisture stress during the entire season.  Planting was delayed a bit in some areas and there were few days with temperatures in the 90s.  These factors may have limited heat units and yields for some participants in central and western PA.  

2014 State Averages

Entries Bushels/
Shelled Corn Tilled
17 245.9 21.2 1.4 1.9 31472
Shelled Corn No-till
28 252.8 23.1 1.1
3.6 31730
Average   250.2 22.4 1.2 2.9 31629
Total Entries

Award Classes

  1. Shelled Corn Tilled Class, Harvest Sample 1.25 minimum
  2. Shelled Corn No-Tilled Class, Harvest Sample 1.25 minimum
  3. 3 Year Average Shelled Corn Tilled Class
  4. 3 Year Average Shelled Corn No-Tilled Class
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2014 Pennsylvania Corn Club

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2014 Corn Club Results

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