Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club

Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club is a collaboration between Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for corn producers and advisers to share information about intensive corn production in the state of Pennsylvania and to recognize those individuals who have achieved the highest yields in the state each year.
Credit: Jeff Graybill

Credit: Jeff Graybill

Please note the rules carefully.

2017 Rules

  • Identify the field and harvest class at the time of entry
  • There are five regions across the state that represent different production zones. See the map of the regions below on the website for the counties included on each region.
  • Fill out the PA Corn Club Harvest form and send it in before the due date with the entry fee.

As it is the intent to encourage and simplify participation in both the Pennsylvania Five AcreaCorn Club and NCGA contest, a entry for the National Corn Growers Contest will be accepted as an entry for the Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club provided that:

  • The entry fee for the PA Corn Club has been paid as stated below
  • A copy of the harvest report form for the NCGA contest including a signature of the harvest supervisor is submitted
  • Section 1 of the PA Corn Club Harvest form is completed and submitted

Important: Participation in the PA 5 Acre Corn Club does not change the rules that must be followed for the NCGA contest if you harvest the same field for both. (i.e.minimum field size, one single field, harvest pattern)


  1. A corn club entry must be from a field at least five acres in size of one corn hybrid that is commercially sold in Pennsylvania. Where a field is split into multiple contour strips, the strips can be combined to total at least five acres.
  2. The entry fee for the club is $35. Payment should be made by check, it should be made payable to Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association and sent to PA Corn Growers Association c/o Martin Krone, 62 Mount View Ave., Fayetteville, PA 17222 by July 1, 2017. The fee for entries received between July 1 and August 1 is $40. No entries will be accepted after August 1, 2017.
  3. The club is open to any Pennsylvania corn producer who is 14 years or older as of July 1 of current year. Only one entry is allowed for an individual. Entries are limited to two per farming operation.
  4. All machine harvest yields will be determined by harvesting with machine and weighing the resulting grain on a certified scale. Samples for determining moisture content are to be placed in moisture proof bags at time of harvest. The moisture percent must be determined within 24 hours.
  5. Yields will be obtained from an area that totals 1.25 acres. The harvest area cannot include the outside 4 rows of the field or the end rows of the field. To sample a field the entrant will harvest one pass, then skip a pass and then harvest another pass until the required 1.25 acres is harvested. If a re-check is required (see #8), the skipped rows and enough additional adjacent rows to make 1.25 acres must be left standing until the re-check is done.
  6. The row length of each harvest pass or sample should be measured with a tape or measuring wheel. The row widths of should be based on the spacing of planter units. Guess rows between passes should be similar (within 10 inches) to the row spacing of the planter.
  7. An independent harvest supervisor should be appointed to certify the yields. The harvest supervisor should not have a financial interest or have direct ties to a company that sells agri-business input supplies.
  8. If the initial yield measurement is 290 bu/ac or more, a re-check of the yield must be done with two supervisors submitted on a second harvest form. The yield measured in the re-check will be the official yield.
  9. Enrollee must furnish all labor to harvest, weigh, and prepare samples for determining moisture content. These operations must be done in the presence of the official or officials certifying the yields.
  10. Awards will be made for the two highest yields in each region. Awards will also be made the top three awards overall.

PA Five Acre Corn Club Production Regions

Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club Production Regions


PDF, 1.2 MB

This file contains the results of the Pennsylvania Corn Club for 2016

This year was yet another in a string of record years for the producers in the 5 Acre Corn Club.

2014 Five Acre Corn Club Results

2013 Five Acre Corn Club Results

This was a great year again for many corn club members, who achieved some of their highest yields in their career. It was also rewarding for those of us who participated in the yield checks to be part of such successful examples of crop production.

Results from Corn Club programs since 1998 are available here.

Entry fees, deadlines, field size requirements and harvest procedures are described here. Please review before registering.

This year our yields were off a bit compared to previous years due to some weather factors. Nevertheless, our 37 members averaged 239.8 bushels/acre with a final stand of 32,840 plants/per acre.

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Pennsylvania Five Acre Corn Club

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