Improving Soil Health with Cover Crops and Planting Green

Joel Myers is retired NRCS state agronomist, who farms with his brother Don on the family’s farm near Spring Mills, Centre County. The Myers are passionate about building and maintaining the productivity of the soils on their farm. They are strong proponents of no-till cropping systems, diverse crop rotations, and inclusion of cover crops whenever they can be included into their rotations.

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June 22, 2017, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Myers Farm, 3790 Spring Mills Road, Spring Mills, PA

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Join Joel and Don and a team of research and extension personnel from Penn State for an update on several promising technologies that can improve soil quality and crop productivity. 

  • Heidi Myer, a graduate student beginning her third year of field research will share some of what she is learning about relatively new concept known as “planting green”.   Instead of chemically controlling the cover crop weeks ahead of planting, why not let it grow to provide more organic matter to the soil and control it at or soon after planting time? 
  • Joel and neighboring farmers will share their on-farm planting green experiences. 
  • Kristy Borelli will share several means of characterizing and measuring soil quality.  
  • Helena agriintelligence specialist Al Cook will share some of what he is doing to help farmers with the new Veris electro conductivity equipment with which he has been working recently. 
  • Ron Hoover will have an interseeder on hand and will share some of the recent results from numerous on-farm trials using this technology.  Weed control programs in corn that is to be interseeded will need to avoid some of the products that include residual activity. 
  • Bill Curran will share some of the recent results he and others have gleaned from several years of testing herbicide programs that control current year weeds while permitting successful interseeding into a standing corn crop.

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