Crop Management Recorded Webinars

Nitrogen from manure and cover crops
February 21, 2017
Rachel Milliron describes how different fall manure management strategies can increase the availability of nutrients to crops and reduce losses to the environment. Charlie White discusses biological processes that make N available from cover crop residues.
Impacts of Grazing Management on Soil Health 2
February 21, 2017
Sjoerd Duiker discusses livestock grazing management topics in the context of on-farm experiences that utilize various crops, such as summer annuals, as animal feed.
Impacts of Grazing Management on Soil Health 1
February 15, 2017
Jessica Williamson discusses the importance of grazing management for maintaining animal, pasture and soil health.
Fungal Endophytes and Understanding Biological Seed and Soil Treatments
February 9, 2017
Mary Barbercheck describes fungal endophytes, members of the highly diverse soil community, their relationship with plants, and impacts from management. Allysa Collins discuss the effectiveness of biological seed treatments potential impacts on the soil biological community.
"Impact of water quality on pesticide performance" and "Soybean Disease Review"
March 4, 2013
In these presentations by Bill Riden and Alyssa Collins, learn how dissolved minerals and suspended sediments in the water used to spray pesticides affects their performance as well as the soybean disease issues that have emerged in recent years and the management strategies that have been effective in controlling them.
"Impact of water pH on pesticide performance" and "An entomological review of 2012 and preview of 2013"
February 25, 2013
In these presentations by Bill Riden and John Tooker, learn about how the pH of water used to spray pesticides affects their performance and how to use adjuvants to manage water pH issues as well as the insect pest issues that emerged in 2012 and the pest management strategies that were effective in controlling them.
"Controlling weeds: what goes in the spray tank matters" and "Consider herbicide selectivity and carryover if you want successful fall cover crops"
February 18, 2013
In these presentations by Kerry Richards and Bill Curran, learn about considerations for using generic herbicide products, water quality and adjuvants issues as related to herbicide performance, as well as how residual activity and selectivity of herbicide products is likely to affect cover crop establishment.