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Weather Outlook for June 28th, 2017
June 28, 2017
Enjoy the cooler weather... Showers, heat and humidity return for the weekend.
Soybean Sentinel Plot Report
June 28, 2017
With better growing conditions, most soybean fields seem to be growing well and have left slug damage behind (with few or no exceptions, I hope). From the reports we have this week pest populations remain low, bean leaf beetles, silver spotted skipper caterpillars, and leafhoppers are active, but we have not encountered meaningful populations. Remember that vegetative stages soybeans can tolerate up to 25% defoliation without dropping yield so do not overreact if you find some feeding damage in your fields. For diseases, one report of bacterial wilt and perhaps some anthracnose came in this week, so when scouting your fields, look out for these and others that might becoming active.
Thinking About Preparing For Slugs For Next Year
June 28, 2017
While slugs are fresh in our minds it may be beneficial to discuss some longer-term slug-management options that might help decrease future slug challenges.
Grain Marketing
June 28, 2017
Just a day or two away is one of the more unusual USDA crop reporting dates. At noon eastern time on June 30th we will get the regular “stocks” report along with the highly anticipated annual “acres” report. This acres report will be the first official indication on how many spring crop acres the U.S. planted in 2017. As this report approaches, we can expect to be subjected to the usual amount of noise as market pundits guess what the report says and where prices will go next.
Top 10 Suggestions For Tractor Safety
June 28, 2017
Tractors are the primary source of work-related injuries on farms; nationally, nearly one-third of all farm work fatalities are tractor related. In recent years, June and July have been the months when most tractor accidents have happened.