Tobacco Counseling and Support

Posted: March 18, 2011

Progressive muscle relaxation is a healthy way to reduce stress and increase a sense of calm. It is a simple and easy technique to learn and is recommended by experts when quitting tobacco. With practice, progressive muscle relaxation techniques bring quick relief.

 First, sit back in a comfortable chair. Place both feet flat on the floor; rest your hands in your lap, palms up. Closing your eyes is optional. Now breathe slowly and deeply from the abdomen. Feel the support of the chair for your back and seat. Now, beginning with your face, release any tension you’re holding in your jaws, eyelids, and cheeks. With your next breath, feel your shoulders, arms, and hands soften. With each breath, the chair is supporting more and more of your weight. Each exhale is blowing out your tensions.

Progressive muscle relaxation is one technique practiced in the tobacco treatment program at Penn State Extension in Pike County. Counseling, support, and nicotine replacement are also offered. There is no cost for this program, thanks to a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. For more information, call, visit or e-mail Penn State Extension in Milford.