The Penn State Center - Engaging Philadelphia

Located adjacent to the city's historic district and Independence Hall, the Center is the connection point between Penn State University and the communities, staff, students and organizations we work with every day here in Philadelphia.

Penn State has long been known for our ability to create and sustain valuable partnerships. We connect educators and researchers throughout the University with opportunities for applying their expertise to help improve daily lives. The Penn State Center Engaging Philadelphia consists of the following:

Penn State Extension

As an outreach arm of Penn State University, Penn State Extension offers a range of educational programs to the diverse citizens of Philadelphia. From nutrition education, community gardening, urban agricultural entrepreneurship, to 4-H animal and archery clubs, we work in collaboration with city-wide program partners to prepare youth, adults and families to participate more fully in our shared community.

Penn State Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The Stuckeman School has a reputation for excellence in the profession that is exemplified through the many accolades it continues to receive in national rankings. In an effort to stay on the cutting-edge, Stuckeman has made a bold move to create an urban studio experience to help better prepare their graduates. This studio is now housed in the Penn State Center.

Penn State Outreach

Connects Penn State’s programs, research and service to a vast, diverse community. Penn State Outreach seeks to engage, empower and inspire global learning through the transformative, boundless power of knowledge. We are honored to be contributing to the worldwide community of learning in which individuals are proud to acknowledge, Penn State Lives Here!

The Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management (PA IPM) Program:

The PA IPM Program is a state-wide program based at Penn State University. PA IPM offers educational and hands-on presentations on IPM and Healthy Homes for diverse audiences in all environments and communities. Our educational programs and train-the-trainer sessions are available in English and Spanish, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each audience.


Penn State Center Philadelphia
675 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contact Information

John Byrnes, Ph.D., R.D.
  • Director
Phone: 215-471-2200