Resources for Urban Growers

Penn State Extension Philadelphia Resources for Urban Growers

Penn State Ag Alternatives

Factsheets designed to help you select enterprises for your farm. Whether you are a full-time farmer looking to diversify or a part-time farmer looking to generate additional income, there are many important issues to consider when selecting a new enterprise. [website]

USDA NIFA Urban Ag Toolkit

Lays out the common operational elements that most urban farmers must consider as they start up or grow their operations [website]

High Tunnel Production Manual

At Penn State a tremendous amount of research and extension programming is oriented toward high tunnel production of vegetables, small fruits, tree fruits and flowers. A High Tunnel Production Manual is available for purchase [website]

Vegetable Gardening: Recommendations for Home Gardeners in Pennsylvania

This full-color, for-sale publication provides information about growing vegetables. [website]

Cornell Extension Organic Production Guides

The guides provide an overall approach for organic production with a focus on biological, mechanical, and cultural controls. [website]

Soil Fertility Testing

This program is designed as a soil-management tool for gardeners, farmers, homeowners, landscape contractors and others interested in the fertility of their soil. Soil tests are available at the Penn State Extension Philadelphia office (215-471-2200). [website]

Gardening from the Ground Up

In partnership with many soil scientists and researchers from Penn State University, the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) and the EPA, the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners produced a detailed and this engaging pamphlet. [website]

Center for Pollinator Research

The Center for Pollinator Research is comprised of a dynamic group of more than 25 independent faculty, including researchers, educators, extension specialists and outreach coordinators, spanning multiple departments and colleges. [website]

Insect Advice from Penn State Extension

Up-to-date information about integrated pest management (IPM) that can be easily accessed by urban growers. Information is available on beneficial insects as well as pests that can affect our daily lives. Staff at the Penn State Extension Philadelphia are able to identify insects. [website]

Philadelphia School and Community Integrated Pest Management Partnership

The mission of this program is to promote effective pest management that results in the efficient protection of our food, fiber, health, home and industrial resources in a manner that is profitable, safe and environmentally compatible. [website]

Penn State Nutrition Links

Free nutrition education programs for participants eligible for public assistance to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a healthful diet on a limited budget. [website]