Penn State High Tunnels

Portable high tunnels, or “hoop houses,” can help Pennsylvania farmers extend their growing season, expand crop variety, and increase yields—all while reducing pesticide use and retaining vital soil nutrients.
SHARE Farm High Tunnel

SHARE Farm High Tunnel

Dr. Bill Lamont, Penn State Professor in the Department of Horticulture has supported the acquisition and construction of 10 Penn State high tunnels in Philadelphia. The tunnels will allow farms such as SHARE, Grumblethorpe, Overbrook Environmental Center, and Teens4Good to extend their growing seasons. 

High tunnels (plastic-covered greenhouses) have become popular with growers because of their simplicity and effectiveness in protecting crops from low temperatures in both spring and fall. Their primary function is to elevate temperatures a few degrees each day over a period of several weeks.High tunnels have sufficient versatility to make them useful on a wide diversity of crops and in various cropping systems.

For more information follow this link to Penn State AgScience magazine: