Penn State 4-H Sheep2School

Posted: July 28, 2016

Did you ever wonder where sheep sleep – and whether they count each other before they do? Well, 4-H Leader, Su Murphy and her daughters, Zoe and Maxie, 4-H Members of The Manatawna-Saul 4-H Livestock Club in Philadelphia have all the answers.

Presented by Su Murphy, 4-H Leader, and Zoe (age 13) and Maxie Murphy (age 10), 4-H Members/The Manatawna-Saul 4-H Livestock Club:

Su and her crew presented 4-H Sheep2School to the students of Dobson Elementary School in Philadelphia last month as a way to introduce the students to agriculture. The new sheep program will be offer this fall at Dobson as a Penn State 4-H After-School Club. Students will learn about the many aspects of caring for sheep such as: their general care and keeping, how sheep socialize with each other, and how to make cool crafts with sheep’s wool.

Baby, Junior, and Grace, the 4-legged members of The Manatawna-Saul 4-H Livestock Club also joined the presentation. The Dobson students had the opportunity to observe sheep behavior and learn about the kind of food they like to eat. Many questions were generated by this visit. We hope that all of these and more will be answered for these students in the fall when school resumes and the program begins.