Penn State Salutes Doris Stahl

Posted: March 18, 2011

On November 8th, we honored Extension Horticulture Educator, Doris Stahl who started with Penn State in 1985, under the USDA 23 Cities Urban Gardening Program. Doris has utilized her skills in both teaching and community organizing for over 25 years.
Doris Stahl

Doris Stahl

During her time with Penn State, Doris launched the Master Gardener program in Philadelphia, was the Director of the Penn State Urban Gardening program and has long made it a priority to collaborate office-wide on exciting and creative educational programs.

Doris enjoys teaching both children and adults how to choose the right plant for the right place, what plants need to live and why trees help us. Doris’ greatest satisfaction has come from working with a variety of audiences, such as 16-21 year old high school drop outs. She has been able to continually develop her ability to be resourceful.

The biggest change Doris has seen in her 25 years with Extension is that the primary audience for her programs has changed, from the southern and Asian farmers who became gardeners after moving to Philadelphia, to city youth learning about where their food comes from.