Reader's Suggestions for Removal From Cars

  1. Corn oil will work to loosen the spores from car finishes. It can be applied using a soft nylon pad, like the "Dobie" Brand (but avoid such pads that will scratch the surface, e.g., Scrunge Pad). Wash it off immediately with soap and hose water after removing the spores. It takes a bit of rubbing, but it will loosen. Do not apply in direct sun as the oil will cook to the surface, especially on hot summer days. Remove the corn oil immediately lest it cake to the car finish. By no means, let it sit overnight. Polish the car thereafter to restore an even finish and remove any residual oil.
  2. The spots are on our cars. My husband spent over 2 hours this past weekend picking the spots off of my car. What a mess!!
  3. I run an automotive web site and have had personal experience with artillery fungus. I did a quick write up on my blog to let people know what I have done to remove these pesky spores, thought it might be of interest to you. Go to my blog here
  4. I have it and my daughter's car was covered in it. I took it to a local detail shop and they used white vinegar to remove it from the car.
  5. Car wax worked in the removal from my car (safely) with a little elbow grease.
  6. On my new truck, I used 'Turtle Wax Spray Bug & Tar and Tree Sap Remover'. I sprayed it on the spots (in small sections) and let it soak in for a few seconds. I then rubbed the spots with pieces of an old soft towel, occasionally using my finger nail thru the towel. In about 4 hours I got all of the spots off, probably because the spots were 2 days old or less.
  7. ... I found the following product to work the best in the area of removing the stain left on a vehicle surface once the sticky portion has been removed: Meguiars-Smooth Surface Clay Kit ...the entire vehicle will need to be done to ensure an even appearance otherwise you'll end up with glossy spots in the treated areas
  8. To remove from cars or travel trailers. I have had great success by first scraping them very carefully with a plastic scraper and then simply removing the stain with a "Magic Eraser".
  9. I happen to detail cars and have found these little spots, that I now know to be fungus (thank you) to be rather annoying.  I use my thumb nail to remove the majority of the spores.  A little residue is left behind which comes off easily with wax, once you break the hard outer shell.  A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will also work if you are not waxing the car, after you scrape off the outer shell.  Just be careful, as Magic Erasers can damage paint if rubbed too much.   If these spores are not removed quickly, they become rock hard and will be very difficult to remove.
  10. Dr. Davis, I would not suggest using a magic eraser on a car surface.  I just got finished doing this and it left scratch marks which then had to be fixed with a scratch remover and then waxed.