Kids and Youth

Explore the links below to play our online D.B. Pest computer game. Everyone can learn something about pesticide safety around their home. We also have online word searches (and they can be downloaded and printed as well).
Find more of D.B. Pest on these pages!

Find more of D.B. Pest on these pages!

Also check out our "Search the House" sheet and you can also print out pages from our D.B. Pest Activity Book. Have fun exploring, playing, and learning!

Play Online

Play our interactive D.B. Pest: Up Close and Personal online game. Three different skill level word searches can also be played online here.

Learn about pesticide safety in and around your home and environment in these single-player educational quiz show games.

Chase D.B. Pest (also known as Dirty Bug) through a home to answer pesticide safety questions.

Three word searches are available for beginner, intermediate, and advance players. These are available to play online or you can download them.

Activities to Print

Here are some activities that can be printed out for kids. "Search the House" is a single sheet and the other is an multiple page activity book, so you can just print the pages you want. We hope you have fun learning something new!

This activity book is designed for kindergarten through fourth grade students. The activity book features four sections, which each include an introduction to the content, an activity for students, and helpful tips for kids and adults.

PDF, 2.3 MB

Look in the four rooms to find the Pesticide Safety Do's and Don'ts listed on the clipboard.

PDF, 2.0 MB

The Pest Management Activities has 16 pages of fun activities for kids in Kindergarten through Grade 4. Learn about pests, integrated pest management, pesticide safety practices in various areas of your home, signal words, and mosquito control.

PDF, 2.5 MB

Find pesticide-related words hidden in a beginner, intermediate, and advanced word searches that can be downloaded to print.