Quiz Show Games

Learn about pesticide safety in and around your home and environment in these single-player educational quiz show games.
Sample game screen

Sample game screen

Topics and subject matter included in each game are listed under the title.


"P" Words, Anything Goes, Bugs, IPM in General, The Earth

Pest Management, Insects, Weeds, Diseases, and Vertebrates.

Pesticide Labels, Toxicity and Health, Pesticides in the Environment, and Pesticide Emergencies.

Water is Important, Water Sources, Groundwater & Stormwater, Water Pollution, and Water Protection.

Pesticide Safety Topics

PDA, Pesticide Labels, PPE, Rules and Regs, Toxicity

Acronyms, Exposure, Pesticide Labels, PPE, Toxicity

Basics, Did You Know?, Formulation, Mixing, Properties

Clear Air Smells Great!, How Much is Too Much?, If the Glove Fits!, Stow It!, They Exposed What?

Health Impacts, Larry the Label, MOA, Pesticide Law, Safety in the Field

Mixology, Mode of Action, Sprayer Savvy, Terminology, WPS

Applicator, Formulations, Pesticide Families, Signs and Symptoms, WPS

Labels and MSDS Sheets, Mixing and Disposal, Spill Clean Up, Spill Kits, Storage and Transport

Cleaning Up, Hypersensitivity Registry, PPE, The Environment, What's on the Label

Cleaning Up, PPE, The Environment, The Label, The Target

Quiz topics include: Pest management, Pesticide labeling, Pesticide formulations, Pesticide hazards and first aid, and Personal protective equipment

Quiz topics include: Personal protective equipment, Pesticides in the environment, Storage and security, Emergency or incident response, and Pesticide application

Quiz topics include: Acronyms, Toxicity and exposure, Pesticide labels, Personal protective equipment, and Pesticide characteristics

Pesticide Safety in Agriculture

Emerald Ash Borer, Herbicides, Insecticides, Regulations, Safety

Corn Pests, Forage Crop Pest, IPM, Small Grains, Soybean Pests

Chemical/Trade Name, Post-Emergence Herbicides, Pot-Luck, Pre-Emergence Herbicides, Weeds

Diseases, Fertility, Insects, Pesticide Safety, Weed Control

Field Corn, Forages and Small, Hodge Podge, PA Pesticide Law, Soybeans

Pumpkins, Regulations, Safety, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes