Classroom Demonstrations and Lessons

Find information on how to do and teach various pesticide safety and related demonstrations.

Use this personal protective equipment (PPE) activity to understand necessary first actions when responding to a pesticide spill and needed components of a spill kit.

Comprehensive Water Quality and Pesticide Stewardship Outreach lesson plan on water sources, water pollution, and best management practices, including engaging groundwater recharge and groundwater pollution activity.

Find information about formulations, what common household products can be used to represent pesticide formulations, and exercise sheets. Find some incompatibility activities as well.

What you need and how to do the LD50 demonstration.

This demonstration illustrates how exposure to pesticides can be significantly reduced by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

This demonstration introduces biomagnification – when organisms accumulate chemical residues from the organisms they are eating underneath them in the food chain.

Learn how to read a label by answering questions to compare two Hot Shot Fogger labels to see how these products are similar and different.

Learn how lures and traps work to monitor and/or control pests in this lure demonstration.

Learn how the EPA used a risk cup to limit the amount of aggregate exposure from all the pesticides with a common mode of action.

Check out these posters to use as handouts or to post in your classroom. We have a form online to request a high quality PDF of these posters which will be sent to your email.