Pennsylvania Inspection Toolkit

The following documents will help you comply with the Container/Containment regulation. Additional items may be added later, such as recordkeeping forms.
PDF, 91.8 kB

The current inspection report for Pennsylvania as of February 2010.

Microsoft Excel, 40.5 kB

This is an Excel spreadsheet that when filled in with dimensions of your dikes and tanks, it will calculate the net dike capacity.

PDF, 28.5 kB

This fact sheet contains information on containment repair techniques and selecting a coating or sealant.

PDF, 164.4 kB

This flowchart will help you determine whether the federal containment regulations require you to have a secondary containment unit and/or a containment pad.

PDF, 406.4 kB

This flowchart also includes determining whether Antimicrobial products are exempt from or subject to the non-refillable container, refillable container, and repackaging regulations.

PDF, 97.5 kB

This fact sheet provides an overview of the refillable rules and has a check sheet to help evaluate refillable containers.

PDF, 207.8 kB

A copy of the regulations that were provided at the PIRT workshop.

PDF, 68.7 kB

This form is a sample that can be used to satisfy the mandatory facility maintenance and recordkeeping requirements for containment structures.