Can I earn recertification credits online?

Yes, you can earn recertification credits online.

Yes, you can earn recertification credits online. Find more information about the recertification courses that our office has available at our Online Recertification Courses web page and a few of these courses are even available in Spanish!

All online courses that have been approved for credits (including ours) are posted on the PaPlants Recertification Course Locator page. Select "Online" for the Meeting Type in the search form. Another online option are "Webinars." These are either a person doing a live presentation that is broadcast over the internet on a specific date and time or they may be a previously recorded presentation that is broadcast. Most webinars and online courses charge a fee. Be sure to read the details before registering.

Another option is to earn credits through various correspondence courses, which can also be selected in the search form. Again, be sure to read the details as some of these may be actual college level course and can be very expensive.