Do I Have to Keep Records of My Pesticide Applications?

Commercial/Public applicators must maintain records for each application...

Commercial/Public applicators must maintain records for each application. Private applicators are required to maintain records only for all applications of restricted use pesticides. Operations that employ agricultural workers or handlers covered by the Worker Protection Standard must keep records for all pesticide applications. All pesticide application records must be maintained for three years, completed within 24 hours of the pesticide application, and contain the following information:

  • The date of application, and for those pesticides specifying a reentry period, the hour of completion
  • The name and address of the application site (Commercial applicators must also record the name and address of the customer if it differs from the application site.)
  • The brand name, EPA registration number, amount, and rate or dosage of each pesticide used
  • Size and identification of the area treated for agronomic crop applications
  • The names and certification numbers of all persons involved with the application
  • In addition to the information listed above, agronomic crop application records must also include restricted reentry interval and crop treated.