This section of our website contains information that applicators will need throughout their career.
A Personal Protective Equipment demonstration.

A Personal Protective Equipment demonstration.

Learn how to become a certified pesticide applicator, where to find listings of recertification meetings, how to contact the Department of Agriculture, find resources to help solve some pest problems, view our current fact sheets and newsletters, and much more. Read the descriptions below of what information you can find in the Applicators section of our website.

Learn how to become a pesticide applicator. Determine if you should be a private applicator or what category you need to become a commercial or public applicator. Also, find the link to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to take pesticide application certification exams.

Find out how you can earn recertification credits, including meetings and online options, to maintain your certification.

Links to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, pesticide-related statewide programs, and state and federal laws and regulations.

Penn State is at the forefront of the pollinator health issues. Research is on-going, and we do not know all of the details yet. We do know that most pesticides can be used safely around honey bees and other insect pollinators when label directions are followed. As a general rule, insecticides are more toxic to pollinators than fungicides and herbicides, but not all insecticides are toxic to pollinators. Keep in mind proper pesticide use avoids harm to pollinators.

Find out how to sign up to have your air blast sprayer or boom sprayer calibrated.

Links to access pesticide labels and MSDSs online.

Fact sheets on various pesticide-related topics.

Links to help troubleshoot pest management issues.

Core pesticide topics that apply to most or all certified applicators.

Information that only pertains to category specific applicators will be posted here.

Additional pesticide-related information including links to Spanish resources.