Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility and Women’s Health & Environmental Network Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted: July 25, 2011

After more than a decade of collaborating together, the Women’s Health & Environmental Network (WHEN) and Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility (Philadelphia PSR) are planning to come together by merging into one organization with a greater capacity to promote nonviolence and safeguard the environment in the region and statewide. The boards of both nonprofits have signed a nonbinding letter of intent and expect the merger to be finalized by early winter.
Women's Health & Environmental Network

Women's Health & Environmental Network

WHEN and Philadelphia PSR complement one another in mission and operations.  WHEN has worked with National PSR and other local chapters throughout the country on environmental health issues including greening health care, healthy foods for health care, and toxic reforms.  Philadelphia PSR has focused on decreasing interpersonal violence among youth.  The merger is viewed as aligning Philadelphia PSR’s programs with the national organization as well as other chapters.  It will also provide the inclusion of updated evidence about the links among environment, violence prevention and public health.
“The missions of WHEN and Philadelphia PSR are intertwined,” said President and Founder of WHEN Dr. Julie Becker.  “Both organizations work to promote pro-social behavior, whether it’s through decreasing environmental exposures or interpersonal violence. The merger will provide synergy between programs and content, thereby creating more opportunities to help people adopt healthier and safer lifestyles.”
“It is a natural outgrowth of a long partnership between WHEN and Philadelphia PSR,” acknowledged Kate Etherington, Executive Director of PSR. “We have collaborated with WHEN on environmental health issues and look forward to our merger so we can enhance the linkages between nonviolence and environmental health.” Philadelphia PSR Board President, Dr. Walter Tsou noted that, “nationally, PSR is known for our environmental advocacy.  Our environmental partnership with WHEN will complement our strong and well established anti-violence programs.”
When the organizations merge, WHEN will become the environmental health division of Philadelphia PSR.  As Dr. Becker succinctly describes the merger, “better together.  Both organizations are ‘better together’ than as individual organizations.”
The two organizations are committed to carry on with current programs and meet all program goals and objectives.  Strategic assessments as reflected by the aligned missions of these organizations will enhance future programmatic offerings.
Questions can be directed to Kate Etherington, Executive Director of PSR, at 215-763-8703.