PA IPM's Web Site Gets a New Look

Posted: May 4, 2010

Trying to figure out what to do about those six-legged creatures occupying your home, school, field or greenhouse? Find out the answer by visiting the Pennsylvania IPM Program's newly revamped Web site.

The Web site, located at, is easier to navigate with information about IPM divided into new categories tailored toward different audiences, said PA IPM's Web Site Administrator Cathy Nardozo. "From the redesigned home page, viewers have the option of choosing from categories such as agriculture, public health, and school IPM.”

The web site has been moved over to a new content management system that is being used by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences as part of its strategic plan to provide standardization for all the departments within the college. As a result, popular features such as the "Problem Solver", IPM articles and newsletters have been made more easily accessible.

The Pennsylvania IPM program is a collaboration between the Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture aimed at promoting integrated pest management in both agricultural and nonagricultural situations. Integrated pest management, or IPM, aims to manage pests -- such as insects, diseases, weeds and animals -- by combining physical, biological and chemical tactics that are safe, profitable and environmentally compatible.
For more information, contact the program at (814) 865-2839, or visit