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Penn State Making an Impact on Pollinators
March 29, 2012
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Across the country, pollinators such as honeybees and hummingbirds are declining due to habitat loss, diseases such as Colony Collapse Disorder, pests and excessive pesticide use. Penn State researchers and educators are hoping to help combat these issues by promoting ways home gardeners can help pollinator populations thrive.
Movement and Threat of RNA Viruses Widespread in Pollinator Community
March 29, 2012
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State researchers have found that native pollinators, such as wild bees and wasps, are infected by the same viral diseases as honey bees and that these viruses are transmitted via pollen. Their research was published on December 22nd in PLoS ONE, an online open-access journal for the communication of all peer-reviewed scientific and medical research.
First International Pollinator Conference a Success
March 28, 2012
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Top researchers, government officials and representatives of organizations from around the world traveled to University Park in July to present their latest findings on honey bees and other pollinators at the inaugural International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Heath and Policy hosted by the Penn State Center for Pollinator Research. Many of their presentations and other information about pollinators is now available on line at