Manuals & Fact Sheets

The Pennsylvania IPM Program, along with their collaborators, produce manuals to assist those interested in developing and implementing an IPM program to meet their pest management needs.

The program has also developed fact sheets with images and descriptions to address a number of different pest problems using IPM.

The manuals are available on this site as downloadable PDFs. Hard copies can be purchased through Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences' Publication Department.

The PA IPM Program, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and The Pennsylvania State University Colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Education, developed this comprehensive school IPM manual.

PDF, 253.5 kB

A factsheet from the Pennsylvania IPM program

This manual was designed to help greenhouse growers implement biological control and IPM. It begins with an introduction to IPM and its principles, information on starting an IPM/biocontrol program and using compatible pesticides, and then addresses many of the most common greenhouse pests and their controls.

The handbook is intended for growers and researchers as both an educational tool and a reference manual for developing effective IPM programs.

Are you interested in learning how to avoid common pests? These fact sheets will help you to understand how to keep pests at bay as well as get rid of existing pests by using integrated pest management (IPM). Find information about bed bugs, head lice, cockroaches and much more!