Amber Yutzy and Greg Strait National Finalists in NACAA's Search For Excellence in Livestock Production

Posted: August 29, 2012

The Search for Excellence in Livestock Production is an award that recognize an NACAA member who has developed and carried out an outstanding extension educational program in livestock production.
Greg Strait (left) and Amber Yutzy (left)

Greg Strait (left) and Amber Yutzy (left)

Producing the highest quality milk on a farm is one of the most important jobs.  Many factors play into a dairies Somatic Cell Count (SCC), reducing this count can be done by implementing standard operating procedures and having a consistent milking routine.  The objectives for this program was to have dairy producers decrease Somatic Cell Count (SCC), increase profitability and develop Standard Operating Procedures on their farm.  Participants were educated on the newest research that is available on milking procedures and sanitation of the milking facility.  Participants were also given the tools needed to detect mastitis early for best treatment options.  Education was delivered through one day workshops, consisting of a morning lecture and discussion period, in addition to a hands on portion that was held on farm.  This program had a total of 307 participants with 71% (N=256) indicating the intent to implement a new practice learned as a result of the program.  A six month follow up evaluation was implemented by phone indicating that 89% (N=198) of participants implemented at least one or more practices discussed at the program.  83% (N=198) of participants experienced a decrease in SCC, as a result of recommendations made at the workshop.  The average reduction in SCC was 162,000.  It was also determined that 69% (N=198) of participants implemented a change in their milking procedure.