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April 2, 2004

The first few weeks of a calf's life are very critical to the growth and long term performance of a dairy calf

March 7, 2004

The incidence of cystic ovarian dysfunction within a lactation has been estimated to range between 6 and 23%. Accurate diagnosis of cystic ovarian disease has been a major challenge to veterinarians

March 6, 2004

On most dairies spent hoof baths are dumped into the manure pit or lagoon so the copper ultimately gets spread on production ground with the manure. Recently there have been several reports in the dairy press regarding copper accumulation in soils from this practice.

March 5, 2004

Designing outdoor areas for cattle is not an exact science

March 4, 2004

It is wise for livestock owners to be prepared ahead of time with some basic knowledge and a few first aid items

September 15, 2001

Fall is promoted as a good time to plant herbaceous perennials and woody ornamentals. But you need to plant early enough in the fall that you get good root establishment before winter closes in.