Watershed Education

Helping people protect and manage the water resources of Pennsylvania through land use education.

Protecting the land in Pennsylvania is critical to maintain water quality and quantity for both human use and aquatic life. All of the land in Pennsylvania drains to our water bodies. No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, you are part of many different watersheds. Each stream, pond, lake, and groundwater aquifer has a watershed that captures and delivers water to it.

Have you ever passed a sign welcoming you to a watershed and wondered what that means? Or maybe you have been invited to join your local watershed association, but you're not quite sure what a watershed is? Here are some basic facts about watersheds to help you out.

This program provides extensive training in watershed management to volunteer who, in return, educate the community about watershed stewardship based on university research and recommendations.

Lesson plans for teaching K-12 water conservation, watershed protection, and environmental education, as well as youth activities and 4-H projects.

Tools to obtain stream flow statistics and drainage-basin characteristics, and estimate potential impacts of urbanization on water quality.

Most of these fact sheets apply to post construction stormwater management (PCSM). Two relate to during construction situations.

Learn more about watersheds and how they work. Contamination, steps to prevent it, and how to restore waterways that are already damaged. Youth publications are available in this collection as well.

Penn State Extension hosts a monthly webinar series on topics related to water issues for homeowners, gardeners, water professionals, youth educators, and more.