Pond Construction, Maintenance and Ecology

The NCRS Pond Construction Manual, Assessment and Inspection, Water Quality Concerns for Ponds, Fixing a Leaking Pond, and Pond Ecology.

Proper pond management practices should always start with an assessment and inspection of the current conditions in the pond. This article discusses some of the critical components of a typical pond that should be identified and inspected before tackling pond management issues.

An explanation of basic pond measurements that are vital to basic pond management practices.

This is a summary of some common water quality parameters that may cause problems in ponds and how to detect and treat them.

A survey of pond owners in Pennsylvania found that most had never tested the water quality in their ponds. As a result, many water quality problems are detected only after they cause an obvious problem. This document describes parameters included in the Penn State pond/lake water test kit to help pond owners detect common water quality problems.

A brief overview of the natural processes of an earthen pond and how to maintain a healthy pond.

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Detailed publication from the Natural Resources Conservation Service on the location and construction of earthen ponds.

Pond leaks are a very common pond management problem in Pennsylvania. Some leaks may be barely noticeable, while larger leaks can completely drain a pond. Unfortunately, fixing a leaking pond can be one of the most difficult problems associated with managing a pond. This article introduces the basic steps for determining if your pond is leaking and some tips for repairing leaks.