Pond Management Resources

Start off by learning about pond basics with the "Pond Construction, Maintenance, and Ecology" collection of publications below. See what you can do with your pond once underway in the "Government Agencies and Permits" collection below. Most everything else you need to know can be found in the Aquatic Plants, Backyard Ponds, Fisheries, and Farm Pond Safety publications offered here.

The NCRS Pond Construction Manual, Assessment and Inspection, Water Quality Concerns for Ponds, Fixing a Leaking Pond, and Pond Ecology.

Helpful agency information for pond owners including a Drawdown permit, and an Herbicide Application permit.

Information on identification and management of aquatic plants from Duckweed and Watermeal to Curly Leaf Pond weed and algae including planktonic and filamentous algae. Learn how to control aquatic plants by using grass carp.

Information on fishery ponds in Pennsylvania, Aquaculture, how to control birds at aquaculture facilities, and common causes for fish kills.

In this video we will discuss several of the Aquatic Invasive Species of particular concern in Pennsylvania. Ten of the invasive organisms considered priorities by the Great Lakes Commission and PA Fish & Boat Commission are described along with some pointers on identifying them.