Water and Forest Ecology among Topics at “The Woods in Your Backyard” Workshop in Southwest Pennsylvania

Posted: April 17, 2017

Of course trees need water to grow, but woods are equally important to the health of local waterways. Wooded areas reduce stormwater runoff, filter potential pollutants from entering surface water, and enhance aquatic life populations.
Photo: Susan Boser, Penn State Extension

Photo: Susan Boser, Penn State Extension

This information and other topics for owners of small woodlands were shared with nearly 70 attendees at “The Woods in Your Backyard” workshop presented by Extension at Penn State Beaver on April 8. This day-long workshop focused on ways to enhance and care for wooded areas on your property.  Forest ecology, tree identification, woodland birds, attracting wildlife, and preventing invasive species were all on the agenda for an eager audience in southwest Pa. This was the first time that the workshop was presented in this part of the state, and it proved to be a success. Participants also received a workbook filled with practical information and resources for managing their wooded areas.