Financial help for well and septic repairs

Posted: July 25, 2016

Private wells and on-site wastewater systems don’t come with a monthly or quarterly bill, but homeowners should budget for routine maintenance and eventual repairs. Proper construction and regular inspection and maintenance can help put off major expenses, but wells and septic systems do have a lifespan.

Major repairs or replacement of septic system components and drinking water wells can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there are sources of financial assistance for homeowners. Before any major repairs, make sure you understand all the options and how to find qualified contractors.

Federal, state, and local government agencies run programs to help homeowners manage these costs, especially low-income homeowners in less populated areas. Some programs are for a variety of home repairs, and others are specific, e.g., for on-lot septic systems. For links and summaries of some of these government programs, see our article on Funding for Private Well and Septic System Repairs.

Income limits and other loan and grant terms change frequently, so check a program’s website or call the office for current information.

Some programs are specific to the local municipality. For example, the Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority offers Housing Rehabilitation Programs for county residents  and for residents of the Borough of Carlisle. Check your county website or call your municipality to see what programs are offered in your community to help you and your neighbors have safe drinking water, protect the environment, and protect your property value.